Erotic Train Story

A man traveled by a train, coincidentally being in the same coupe with an unknown sexy woman. It was night time and the woman had the top bed where she called the man quietly with a sexy tone of voice and said: "You Know! It's too cold up here, it will be very much kind of you if you can get a blanket from the train crew for me." 

The man's eyes suddenly enlightened. He responded with passion: "You Know! I'm cold too. Why not tonight we both act as if we are couples and then we can make each other warm?"
The woman who was almost getting what she was asking for, nodded positively. 

The man happily said then: OK! Now that you agreed to be my wife tonight, why not you go and get your blanket by yourself and by the way, on the way back to our coupe, get a cup of hot tea for me too dear!

Chinese Name - Persian Meaning

Vancouver Thanks VPD after clashes

The 2011 Stanley Cup riot will end up being four to 10 times more costly than the similar riot that shook the city in 1994, the business community says.
The bills related to structural damage, broken glass and lost stock are still being tallied, but the thinking is that the costs are going to be much greater this time because of the scale of the chaos after the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final last week.

and the feel good living in heaven couple:

Two days after the mess :

Is "Hijab" really an Immunity?

I have heard that in some parts of the world (middle east) some politicians claim that hijab is some sort of immunity for men against the harm that some men are posing toward them. Then my question is: If "Hijab" as explained and defined by your rules is somehow an immunity, couldn't it be contradictory while taking a look at these pictures? 
Sometimes "NO HIJAB" is even less exposing and thus dangerous for women as I've seen in images such as these: